Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hand Spun Yarn Bag

The handspun yarn I purchased from a woman at the Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival over Memorial Day Weekend was absolutely a delight to knit with!  It was so soft and smooth and felt great in my hands.  It is the lighter mauve color and I combined some dark plum Cascade 220 with it to give it a tweedy look and more texture.  (Also . . .I didn't have enough of the handspun to make the bag entirely from that yarn - only 240 yards).  I am just finishing the I-cord handles and will felt it tonight.  I think I'll have absolutely NO yarn left when I finish - phew . . . that was close!  This is the first time I've used this pattern - it was really easy, but increasing for the ruffle was a pain, as I ended up with 320 stitches around on the top to knit 3 rows on and then bind off.  The pattern was FREE off the internet - I'll look for the link while it's felting and drying and post it with the finished product!
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Maple Leaf Socks Yarn is Here!

I joined yet another KAL - socks no less. When they were all talking about doing the Maple Leaf Pattern by Jeanie Townsend I wasn't sure I was really excited about that pattern - - that is, until I found this yarn. It's called "Glenwood" by Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. OK, I can see that yarn on me and in this pattern, so here we go again. KAL starts July 1 which gives me time to swatch, decide what needles to use, etc., and then get ready, set, GO! I'm crazy about this yarn and love knitting socks so this should work out just fine. I think that there's over 100 of us who have signed up for this KAL - using all different kinds of yarn.
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

CIC Completed Projects

I took advantage of the LONG automobile ride to and from Colorado over the Memorial Day Weekend and almost completely finished two projects for CIC. Upon arrival back home, just a few minutes grafting the toe of the gold color socks and a few minutes finishing the vest were all that was needed. These little projects are so much fun - they go fast and will keep precious children in Russia warm in the very cold winter. I'm amazed at how many women are participating in this charity knitting and I'm certainly blessed to be among them!
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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival

I finally had a chance to experience a Fiber Festival - and I had to go all the way to Colorado with my daughter and son-in-law to do it! Christy was interviewing for a teaching job and we just happened to find out that there was a fiber festival the same weekend in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Pagosa Springs is in southwest Colorado, about 60 miles east of Durango, in beautiful mountain country. Although it was not a real large festival, it was still fun and educational.


Christy knows how to spin and wanted to try spinning mohair. This very kind woman clipped some mohair off her little mohair goat (in the lower left of the picture) and Christy tried spinning it straight from the animal. (Speaking of spinning, I'm taking my first spinning class on Saturday, June 10th! I can hardly wait. . . .)
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This little guy was a very friendly alpaca and he was even willing to hold still for pictures. His wool had already been sheared for the summer, so he was quite comfortable.
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Christy (on the left) and I (on the right) sat and watched the sheep shearing for a while. They didn't like being taken to the shearing platform, but once there, they held quite still. I'm sure it feels good to get that thick winter coat off!
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This woman showed us how they "skirt" the fleece as the first step of processing the wool. She lives in the local area, has a 40 acre personal farm, and works three days a week at the Mountain High Fiber Ladies Fiber Processing Mill. She explained the whole process to us and even offered to give us a tour!! Sadly, we were expected back in Durango at a certain time so asked for a rain check for the next time we were in town. If Christy and Chuck move there, it will be sooner than later! Speaking of Chuck, he was a real trooper - went to the fiber festival with us, even walked around and took a couple of pictures for me. How many DH's would do that?!
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Blue Little Companion Bag

After taking a 4 month break from making bags, I am back at it because I need a new bag or two! I actually made this one before I went on a trip with my daugher and son-in-law over Memorial Day, but it wasn't dry in time to take with me. Boo-hoo! All is not lost, though, as I had a nice new bag waiting for me when I arrived home. It's amazing how they change during the felting process (see pre-felted bag below).

Specifications: Pattern = My Little Companion. Yarn = Noro Kureyon color number 92, Araucania Nature Wool, color number 36 (denim) and a little bit of a denim color Cascade 220. Size 13 needles and 2 trips through the washer. Finished size is 9" wide, 6 1/2" tall, about 5 1/2 inches deep.

This is the first time I've felted with the Araucania Nature Wool and I have to say I was pleased. What I like about the Nature Wool is the variation in depth of color throughout the skein which seems to give a little more depth in the finished product.

To anyone who wants a great and versatile bag pattern, this is it!
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