Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm in TROUBLE ! ! !

I have a couple of local yarn stores fairly close by, but they either don't carry enough of a variety of sock yarn, or don't carry Cascade 220 (my favorite felting yarn) or enough colors, etc. Well . . . . ., a coworker gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to a NEW LYS near work. I went over there and thought, OK, not a whole lot to pick from here - at least not yet. I've gone back a few times and they kept telling me that they were getting some new products in. Oh boy - I went over there today at lunch time to get 2 circular needles I need for a sock class tomorrow and what did I find . . . Cascade 220 just in and organized on the shelves - 55 colors!! Trekking XXL sock yarn which I have been looking everywhere for in about 8 different colorways. Frog Tree fingering weight yarn that feels absolutely scrumptious in several colors. Handpainted sock yarn by a local person that is just beautiful. Addi Turbo needles. Noro. And more that I can't even remember. Did I walk out with just the 2 circular needles I needed? I think not. . . . . :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where's my mate??????

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Oh, how I love this sock!  After completing a pair of socks, using the Glad Ragg pattern from the 6 sock KAL, and using beads, I just HAD to see how this same pattern would look without beads, using this yarn from Opal (Petticoat).  The colors are marvelous, the striping came out just right and it fits great - just needs a mate.  Never fear, sock, I'll cast on your mate today.  My DH checks out all my work, but gave me a funny look when I said I was actually going to wear this sock.  He should know, I've been into "fun" socks for several years - why not make them myself?!  I used size 0 and size 1 dpns and cast on 72 stitches, just right for my foot!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's a Pair!

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My Glad Raggs are done!!!  I made it in plenty of time for the deadline, even.  I'm somewhat of an ADD knitter, so I had to suppress the urge to keep working on other projects at the same time and just get these finished.  Glad (no pun intended) that I did because it's cold and going to get colder this week here in Southern California and I can wear them!  Jawoll wool which knits up beautifully and beads.  Fancy/casual socks - so much fun to wear. 

Image hosting by Photobucket      I love wool!