Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas Gift for Someone Special!

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Here she is, ready to mail. I'm extremely pleased with how this came out - the combination of the Lamb's Pride and the Manos felted quickly and wonderfully. The colors stayed true and the bag came out firm and with lot's of body. The finished size is 8" wide by 7" tall by 2 1/2 " deep - just perfect for my mother who doesn't need to carry very many things with her anymore. I'm also working on a purple scarf made out of Muench Touch Me to go with it - she lives in Michigan!! Wonderful pattern for anyone who has the book Pursenalities. By the way, I also heard from a yarn shop owner down in Palm Springs earlier this week that the author is coming out with Pursenalities #2 after the first of the year!! Yippee . . . .

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I found this pattern in the Pursenalities book and thought it looked just right for my mom. I just happened to have a skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Clematis and a skein of Manos del Uruguay in color # 103 which is a purple and blue variegated with a little magenta thrown in occasionally. These are all her favorite colors and "wala" this bag came out just perfect. Knit double stranded on size 15 circular needle. The body of the bag was one strand of Lamb's Pride and one strand of the Manos. The flap and handle were double stranded Lamb's Pride.

It's a Hat!

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I love this hat! It was so easy to make and felted really quickly and well. A plastic bowl that I found in my cupboard was just the perfect size and shape to form it over and dry. I've discovered that it can be worn several ways, flap up, flap down, on top of the head, in back of the head, etc. It fits me sort of on top and back on my head, and it fits my granddaughter so wonderfully coming down more on her head. In fact, she placed an order for one in pink! The yarn was a single strand of Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry from Knitpicks, and carried along with it was a single strand of Sock Landscape in Redwood Forest also by Knitpicks. Of course I've ordered more in other colors as I like the way it knits up and felts! The pattern is a free pattern on the Knitpicks site.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

What is this????

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Can you guess what it is? I tried my hand at knitting something other than a bag, but something that I could still felt ( that old addiction, you know ). It's now felted and drying and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes single stranded and carried a single strand of Knit Picks Sock Landscape (a really nice merino wool in a fingering weight) along with it. The felting took only about 10 minutes and I'm really glad that I checked it a couple of times early on as it went so fast. Is it a bowl??? Is it a hat??? The mystery will be solved when I post the finished product - as soon as it's dry! And yes, I plan to make more. . . .

Charcoal /Black Bucket Bag

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Another stash buster bag - this one used just one skein of Paton's Classic Wool in black and one skein of Noro Silk Garden, color number 201 which is kind of muted colors with a lot of charcoal in it. I used the Pink Lady bag pattern again and left off the tab, as I like it to be open on the top. The Bernat Lana made it felt nice and firm. After a little shaving (Silk Garden is fuzzy), I have another bag! My husband remarked yesterday, "You're going to have to start selling bags or giving them away as you have so many. How many do you have now, anyway?" I told him that so far I have used all that I have made except one. Ha-ha!

Blue Striped Bag

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Here she is felted! It actually still took quite a while to felt, but turned out nicely and the colors stayed very true. It also felted quite firmly and stiffly so this will be a bag that can hold it's own, that's for sure. Finished size ended up 10" wide by 6" tall and 4" deep. Again, thank you secret pal for the beautiful yarns you sent!

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After felting a project with yarn sent by my secret pal where I used that yarn exclusively, I decided to try adding to another type yarn and carrying the two together to see if it would felt faster. Since the yarn was a beautiful royal blue with little tiny flecks of other colors in it, I decided to clean up some of my stash and combined it with some royal blue Cascade 220 I had left and then switch and combine it with some navy blue Bernat Lana 100% wool yarn. I used the
My Little Companion pattern and just switched and designed the colors as I went. The pattern was actually quite easy and could be adapted by using several different types and colors of yarn for that "one of a kind" look.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rose Bag KAL

I just joined a Rose Bag Knit-a-Long! I've had the pattern for this wonderful rose basket type of bag for quite some time and have been fascinated with it - even to the point of purchasing the yarn for the project and rolling it into balls. Now it sits . . . . . I was so delighted to come across this knit-a-long today as that is just what I needed to inspire me to not only get going, but finish the project as well (I understand that it's not the easiest project in the world). Anyway, I'm always up to a good challenge.